Monday, September 03, 2012

In which folds again

I've been trying to decorate outside the proverbial box here. One of my things lately is that artwork isn't just for walls. Who says you can't decorate your doors? People put wreaths on their front doors, why not on an interior door? The new office door décor: an origami wreath constructed from old papers.

You need eighteen squares of paper to make each wreath.

5" squares from a damaged copy of
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Follow the instructions in this tutorial to fold the individual units.

Reminds me of paper football

Fold up eighteen units.

... sixteen... seventeen... eighteen!

To construct the ring, you slide the legs of one unit under the triangular "pockets" on another unit.

First pair is easy

Adding in the last unit to complete the circle is a little tricky. Take your time!

Your patience will be rewarded

After I finished the first ring, I realized that I wanted more depth in my wreath so I created additional rings using various sizes of paper squares. The smallest ring is about 1½" squares from kakuro solution pages; the 2¼" squares came from sudoku solution pages; 3" squares from The Chronicles of Narnia;4" squares from an old bread recipe book; 6" squares from The Upton Tea Company's quarterly catalog; 7" squares of clarinet sheet music; and 8" squares from an old edition of one of my instructor's edition textbooks.

I glued all of the layers together and mounted the whole onto the office door with hot glue. Extra hot glue between the "points" and the layer below so that all would lay flat. Lots and lots of hot glue...

Pretty neat, huh?

Very easy, inexpensive way to decorate an interior door with a bit of texture - color, too, if you start with colorful paper. All kinds of possibilities here: origami paper, wrapping paper, comic pages, scrapbooking sheets, etc.

Ready to make your own now?