Monday, September 26, 2011

Doe a deer

I decided to do a short traipse through the local wildlife refuge during my walk this morning. There were two deer up ahead on the trail. I slowed my steps and continued on carefully not making eye contact. The larger deer trotted off the path and into the wood. The smaller deer stood and watched me pass within 10 feet of her.


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Oh dear! It's been weeks, weeks, since I made a blog post! Guess I should get busy with an Early Saturday Morning Bullet Post...

  • Back to school has been a mite (read whole heck of a lot) busier than in previous years.

  • Fourth grade is one of those years where you notice the increase in the amount of homework and studying required.
  • Not that I am complaining, mind you.

  • I approve of homework. I assign it myself all the time.

  • Between the increased academic load and cross country practice and tae kwon do class and Girl Scouts, Neatnik is one busy kid.

  • Which means I am one busy Mommy.

  • Compound the grammar school business with the college business and I am one busy prof trek.

  • I mentioned back in August that we have upgraded to Windows 7and Office 2010.and that I invested in a new laptopbecause my old computer was struggling to meet the challenge.

  • All of that upgrading meant I needed to configure the new laptop, including backing up all of my old data and installing all of the software I need to support my classes.

  • It also meant working up new slides for lecture and learning the ins and outs of the upgraded Office suite and doing all the homework and lab assignments and practice tests for myself.

  • Yeah,busy. It would be less time consuming to devote myself to full-time preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

  • In between all of the preparations, I've been trying to get outside to log some mileage.

  • I wore a pair of my skinny jeans the other day!
Well, I was going to work on bullets until the rest of the household roused and since Neatnik just came bouncing down the stairs, it must be time for breakfast. Hope you have a drier weekend than we are.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Now with more lids

I brought my camera on vacation. I packed Neatnik's camera, too. Even made sure to charge them both fully the day before we departed.

We didn't take a single picture. Never took the cameras out of the minivan.

I know, I know: bad blogger.

:: hangs head in shame ::

Today, however, I was inspired to take a picture to share with you.

About a year and a half ago, I posted about how I broke the lid to my teapot and had to order a new one. Last month, just before we left on vacation, I had a minor accident. I was taking my teapot out of the dishwasher and the hot, slightly wet lid slipped out of my fingers and fell onto the stainless steel door of the dishwasher, yielding three pretty yellow chunks of useless ceramic.

No sense in ordering a replacement teapot immediately since I wouldn't be at home to use it nor even to take receipt of it, so I waited until last week to order a new one.

While on the Upton Tea website, I mentioned to Number Guy that it would be really nice if I could buy just a replacement lid instead of a whole new teapot. After all, I already owned two identically sized and shaped teapots I bought from them.

Would you believe that my wish came true? Yep, Upton Tea sells replacements lids.

The patterned pot has been discontinued,
but the dark green lid works just fine.

Oh, yes, and on the packing slip there was a footnote indicating that the packing peanuts were not Styrofoam but were made of corn silk and it was perfectly acceptable to wash them down the drain.

Well, naturally, I had to try it. What fun!