Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lift, carry, drag, sweep, repeat

Neatnik and I spent a goodly amount of time last week giving chez trek a bit of the spring cleaning treatment. Yes, I am quite well aware that it isn't really "spring" cleaning if you are doing it during the last full week of August. It is more in the nature of summer cleaning but who has ever heard of summer cleaning? Summer is a time for fun and excitement and being outside enjoying the warm sunlit hours not for being inside pushing a vacuum and dusting every horizontal and vertical surface in the house. But, it needed doing and it kept me from stressing out over the absence of my computer and the class preparation which looms.

Riding on the wave of all of that householdy accomplishment, I suggested to NumberGuy that we should clean out the garage come the weekend. He agreed and yesterday morning at 8 o'clock all three denizens of chez trek were to be found lifting, carrying, and/or dragging those sorts of things that seem more to appear than to collect in the garage out onto the driveway.

whoosh!Note: Brooms are good for hustling big clumps of dried leaves and associated debris from the corners but the leaf blower is better for removing the sandy grit and grass clippings which shed from the lawn mowers.

Neatnik took an hour or so break to attend her tae kwon do class. I continued to drag, carry, and sweep while NumberGuy provided chauffeur service. By noon, everything in the garage and shed had been taken out and either cleaned and returned to storage or designated for immediate removal to the curb.

Interesting questions were raised during this process.

Who knew that we still owned that gas-powered leaf blower? Why on earth was the electric paint roller in the garage instead of the basement with the rest of our paint cans and painting equipment? How come the spring support for Neatnik's crib was in the garage when the head- and footboards are in the basement? Why didn't we get rid of the leftover shingles when we dismantled the old trash shed? How did the Frisbee get stuck behind the stack of shingles? Does anybody actually remember buying that can of bicycle chain lubricant?

Perhaps the most puzzling set of questions was What happened to our chain saw? Did we lend it to somebody who neglected to return it to us? Is it now rusting in someone else's garage?
for sale
Sometime in the midst of the cleaning and the restoration of order, I realized that we should have a garage sale. Garage sale items are now tidily piled on the left side of the garage.

lawn careLawn care equipment, including push mower and tractor, share the back wall with the neatly stacked lawn chairs. The right side wall has been designated as the recycling center. All of the shovels and rakes are hung on hooks and pegs in the shed and the fertilizer spreader is cuddling up between the snow blower and the wheelbarrow.

Things that were not on the Keep Me list but were too badly damaged for the Sell Me list were dragged out to the curb in anticipation of telephoning the department of public works to request a bulk trash pick up. My old bicycle was one of those items. I wheeled it out to the curb, went inside to put away some tools and retrieve some water. By the time I came back outside, the bike was gone.

We live on a busy street.

NumberGuy spoke to the fellow who took the bike with him, told him the bike had been in an accident, and he took it anyway. We figured the guy possesses skills which we lack in the bicycle repair department.

A few items from the basement were also schlepped to the curb, though the whole basement has not yet been given the same treatment as the garage and shed. Perhaps next weekend then maybe we could host the garage sale the following Saturday.

It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. We can actually walk in the garage without having to worry about tripping over anything or brushing against anything that might stain, tear, or destroy clothing. We have thrown away the unsalvageable stuff and identified the stuff that is saleable. NumberGuy cleaned and re-set up his fish tank in anticipation of restocking it with little fishes.

And I broke out in a ferocious rash from contact with all of the dust and grass clippings which were thrown into the air from the leaf blower.

Looking forward to cleaning the basement next!

Sort of.

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Yarnhog said...

We (that is to say, they who made the mess) cleaned the garage last weekend. It's already a mess again. Sometimes being the mother of boys is really frustrating.

katrynka said...

We have the same phenomenon when we put things out on the curb!! I do freecycle as well, but for some things, the curb is just as easy! I do not mind giving things away, I just hate to throw away something that is useful.

Chris said...

Hey, can you stop by and do my condo next? ;)

Barbara said...

Excellent tip about the leaf blower! Thanks. Can I be next after Chris? Actually the garage doors and the trim around them needs to be scraped and repainted, maybe you and NG could do that while Neatnik and I do crafts? I'd make lunch.

verification word: "clene" Coincicence?

April said...

I'm guessing a zombie has taken your chain saw. Don't worry, he'll bring it back eventually!

Sheepish Annie said...

I did a little "clearing out" this summer. Most of the questions that came up were of the Oh My God, Did You Really Ever Think That Was Fashionable???" variety...

Kim said...

That sounds like an awesome, productive day! I need one (or 7) of those.

mrspao said...

Can you do my garage next?