Friday, March 05, 2010

(Just) desserts

Taking advantage of the short break between teaching and the arrival of the big, yellow student conveyance to present to the blogosphere a Friday Afternoon Bullet Post...

  • First, I have to say that there have been some issues at work that have required quite a bit of my time and attention this week - things of a not-bloggable nature.

  • This should explain my somewhat less than interesting Wednesday post and my totally absent Thursday post.

  • I have every reason to believe that the issues are now resolved and I should be able to return to my normal blog posting and blog reading routines.

  • Last Friday was a snow day. I spent hours working on an excruciatingly detailed tutorial for the class blog so that my Friday students would not end up behind my Monday students.

  • The college may have been closed, but Internet access was not impaired. They turn in their homework assignments by uploading their files to their testing accounts so there was no reason not to assign the scheduled homework.

  • Seven out of 38 students submitted their spreadsheet assignments on time.

  • Yes, I was rather put out. I spent more hours working on the tutorial for the blog than if I'd gone to the school in person to lecture.

  • Our department policy includes the requirement to penalize assignments for lateness. I usually go with a 10% deduction.

  • Instead of dinging the late students on this assignment, I decided to grant a bonus to the ones who were on time and to reassign the due date for the rest of the class.

  • Those who were responsible enough to check the class blog as directed were awarded a 50% bonus.

  • I am so ready for spring break.

  • Just checked Neatnik's school calendar. Today is report card day and next week is standardized testing week.

  • Did I mention that I am looking forward to spring break? Said break runs the length and breadth of the week of March 14th this year.

  • I haven't had much opportunity to knit this week. I added one square to the mitered squares sock blanket yesterday.

  • Spring break is a good time for knitting, isn't it?

  • The sweater in progress makes whimpering noises at me every time I walk by the project bag in the living room.

  • It is trying to make me feel guilty.

  • I finished the first book of a series yesterday on my walk. I am debating whether or not to read book two of the set. The author used the same plot contrivance in this book as she did in the first book of her other series.

  • I am curious how she is going to resolve a major loose end, though. I have my suspicions. Perhaps this is just a walk and read series...

  • How many more days until Changes?

  • Trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight. I need something meatless for a carnivorous clan.

  • I'd go with a coin toss but tomorrow is the school's sports association's annual pasta dinner so we'll be well and truly "carb-ed" then.

  • Perhaps eggs? We like breakfast for dinner every so often.

  • The PTA asks parents to volunteer to make desserts for the pasta dinner.

  • Pay for dinner and BYOD.

  • I don't think it is BYOB, though: we will be dining in the school cafeteria and it is a fund-raiser for the sports teams.

  • I made a tres leche cake on Wednesday. It needs a couple of days to "age" in the refrigerator as the cake soaks up the milk glaze.

  • Before the dinner, I'll section the cake part out into jumbo muffin foil cups and adorn with the frosting.

  • Then I shall have to hold Neatnik and Number Guy off the dessert tray with a wooden spoon - just long enough to get them to the dinner.

Tomorrow's dinner is being catered by a local Italian restaurant, so we have high hopes that the food will be better than either Chef Boyardee or that unidentifiable mess often served in public school lunchrooms. Even if it isn't, I know there will be at least on dessert available which I shall enjoy!

7 yarns:

Chris said...

I'm mightily curious about what that book is now!

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate you blogging about your students? It helps reassure me I did the right thing by opting out of my phd program. :D

Mary said...

I can remember many a Friday's dinner for "us kids" consisted of fish sticks and mac n cheese.

Robin said...

50% bonus is a great idea.

Your eBooks posts have been interesting. I recently purchased a NowBible electronic Bible ( and am looking forward to Spring Break when I'll have a chance to see all it can do (beyond the obvious.)

Mini said...

No fish sticks??? we had fish sticks tonight. Granted, they were "halibut pieces" but they were breaded and we dipped them in ketchup. Dan loves Lent... I get a little crazy w/ the meatless Fridays and I end up making fish or pizza or homemade mac'n'cheese. :)

Barbara said...

My mom made the best salmon patties. She just broke apart the salmon from a can, removing all ookie parts, cracked in an egg and some crushed saltines, seasoned to taste, and made patties that she fried in an iron skillet in lard. I can attest that using a Teflon skillet and canola oil makes an acceptable version. Quick, easy and delicious.

How nice to reward the students who did their jobs rather than punish the slackers. We need more of that.

Sheepish Annie said...

My spring break isn't until April. ::sigh:: But I'll hang in there. Meanwhile, you can enjoy yours for me when it finally comes!

Sydney said...

You don't have too much longer to wait for spring break.

A 50% bonus seems fair.