Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In which trek follows

Following in the footsteps of my favorite Sheepie for tonight's Wednesday Night Bullet Post...

  • Something very strange has been happening at work lately.

  • Two things, really.

  • Thing the first: attendance is up. Way up. I have no idea why so many students are coming to class on a regular basis but I was talking with the department chair on Monday afternoon and he said that he'd noticed the same thing this semester.

  • It is truly a mystery.

  • Thing the second: I have fewer funny student emails to share. I have a theory on this, though.

  • Last semester was the first semester I used a class blog. I made a grand total of 41 posts over the fifteen weeks of the fall semester.

  • Yeah, I know, that was more than I made here. This blog doesn't pay the bills and that one does.

  • We are halfway through the spring semester and I have already made 50 posts. I am going to go out on a limb here and posit that I am answering their questions sufficiently in those blog posts so that they do not need to email me individual queries.

  • Perhaps I typed too soon. I just checked my college email account. I had an email from a Monday student the other asking what time my Friday class meets. I answered that class begins at 8 o'clock in the morning. This student sent me a reply to that email, asking what time my Friday class meets. The answer was in the email she sent me. I had provided the time and she replied to that email.

  • This student also whined that I had not yet graded their most recent blog post.

  • Next week is spring break.

  • Is anyone surprised that I am looking forward to it? Even though we are not going anywhere?

  • No, I didn't suppose so.

  • I am looking forward to break.

  • Even though we are not going anywhere.

  • I knit some on the sweater yesterday. I now have a body up to the arms and one cuff.

  • The Girl Scout cookie order arrived.

  • I packed up the ones for Number Guy's co-workers and the neighbors and friends and family and then I looked for ours.

  • It wasn't there.

  • It wasn't there because I forgot to write it on the order form.

  • Oops.
"Alice" is here and the clicking of Number Guy's mouse is causing my head to throb most painfully so this is a good place to end. Too bad I don't have any Girl Scout cookies with which to medicate my head.

Happy Wednesday.

4 yarns:

Chris said...

*sending soothing anti-headache thoughts to trek*

Mini said...

Next best thing: Edy's ice cream makes Girl Scout cookie flavors. :)

I've always wondered how some people got into college...

Bubblesknits said...

I have no will when it comes to the Girl Scout Thin Mints. Especially when they're good and cold.

Marissa said...

Darn! I miss those cookies. No girl scouts here on the island this year. My waistline should be happy, I suppose, but my tastebuds are not!