Monday, September 28, 2009

What trek did on Neatnik's day off

I am sitting here on my big, bouncy blue ball and I am not grading student blogs. I am not grading homework assignments. Isn't this a nice change of pace? Let us celebrate with a Monday Morning Bullet Post!

  • Neatnik doesn't have school today.

  • No, her school hasn't decided to observe the Jewish holiday.

  • Today is Teacher Spirituality Day. The teachers will be having a retreat while the children enjoy a three-day weekend.

  • Neatnik's having a playdate with Bobblehead, whose school is observing the high holy day.

  • So, what am I doing on this fine and sunny child-free morning?

  • Early, before Number Guy left for work, I enjoyed the crispy air for a short, fast literary jaunt.

  • After my walk, I hit the showers, packed up Neatnik and her lunchbox, and visited the doctor's office.

  • I needed blood work done.

  • Please say a prayer for me that all of the healthy eating and walking and resultant "buffness" is sufficient to keep me off the cholesterol meds for the foreseeable future.

  • I'm on enough medication for the asthma/allergies, thank you very much, let us not add more compounds to the chemical soup.

  • Straight from the doctor's office, we swung over to grandma's where Neatnik disembarked. Then I came home.

  • I am almost ashamed to admit that I spent some of my precious morning emptying the dishwasher and folding and stashing laundry.

  • In my own defense, it needed doing and I am the only one here.

  • Have I mentioned that I am the only one here! :o)

  • It is nearly 11:45. My first class kicks off at one. It takes about twenty minutes to drive to the college. I like to arrive a few minutes early, to write assignments and such on the board and open up the various files of the day.

  • Those time notes indicate to me that I have approximately 45 minutes remaining to myself.
I was going to post a set of three (funny) emails from a student but Blogger ate the last half of my post and since I want some time to knit before I have to leave, I shall leave that set of giggles for another post. See you in the comments.

6 yarns:

Kim said...

Here's hoping you are sufficiently buff to avoid chemical cocktails. ;)

Chris said...

*fingers crossed for test results*

Sheepish Annie said...

Thinking good thoughts for knitting time and good test results!

Sydney said...

Sending thoughts of good cholesterol numbers your way. I understand about not wanting to add any more meds.

Knittymama said...

Teacher Spirituality Day? I need one of those!!!

mrspao said...

Hope the tests work out fine for you.