Thursday, September 03, 2009


Today is Neatnik's first day of second grade. We were up in plenty of time. Neatnik was fed, brushed, dressed, and ready to go way before the school bus was assigned to collect her. All three of us sat in the sun porch, reading while we awaited the immanent arrival of the big, yellow bus. Said bus arrived on time and that is when things started to go downhill.

No, you read that correctly: the bus was on time but things started to go downhill.

See, there is one child who goes to Neatnik's school who lives on the local military base. Last year, the school bus was able to drive onto the base through the front gate. Apparently, this year it cannot.

Oh, yes, I quite agree: a half-filled bus of grammar school children is a tremendous threat to national security.

Anyway, the driver was rejected access to the base at the main gate. She backed up from the checkpoint and came to pick up Neatnik and then needed to change the order of the bus route, to continue around the base to the visitor's entrance gate to collect the one child who lives there before continuing on to the remaining two stops between here and the school.

All of the kids on this bus, therefore, were late today - the first day freakin' day of the new school year.

Updated, Thursday 03 September 2009, 1:16pm The bus driver made it to the school five minutes before the first bell, so the children on our route weren't actually late!

We need a humorous distraction on the blog this morning.

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It must have been the heat on the day we visited the National Zoological Park, because all the animals seemed to feel the need to show me their 'tocks.

Animal 'tocks

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Chris said...

Still, as first day of school drama goes, that doesn't seem SO bad.


Yarnhog said...

Oy. But yeah, the drama could be worse. Congrats to Neatnik on her first day!

Anonymous said...

That's a lotta tocks!!!

Of course, the elephant was a lotta tocks all by herself...


Lovs2Knit said...

That's crazy! That's a bad way to start off the first day of school....poor kiddo.

It could be a paperwork problem. If I remember correctly our bus company has to turn in paperwork stating what drivers will be driving buses on base and the route that they will take. This has to be done every year and only the drivers on the list are allowed on after their buses have been checked to make sure that they are free of bombs and unauthorized people. But I'm on a nuke base where security is taken very seriously. Our buses that run on base are empty when they come on and only pick up military kids.

mrspao said...

Smile :)

Deb said...

OK. I first have to thank the parent (I assume) of the child who lives on said military base for their service to our country. It is greatly appreciated!

Next - to the school bus company - WTF!!!!!!!!

Verification word- coalness: the essence of total coal!

Sara said...

'Tocks rock! Glad Neatnik wasn't late.