Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trevor's travelogue - morning edition

Traveling Trevor arrived last night. It wasn't a good evening for entertaining, but we fed him some dinner and made him feel at home. Since he is only a first grader, it seemed that an early bedtime was in order, too. He'd had a long flight, you see.

This morning, Trevor looked quite refreshed, but sort of cold. I think that when he was told that he was coming to a place near the ocean, he sort of thought tropical temperatures and island breezes, effectively explaining the t-shirt he was wearing.

Trevor 1


We fixed that, though.

Trevor 2
Much better!

Neatnik had school but Number Guy was off today in honor of Veteran's Day. We decided to go to a local diner for a late breakfast. Trevor agreed that this was a most excellent way to spend the morning.

Trevor 3
No, we didn't give him coffee;
he's a bit young for that

The waitress gave us a slightly odd look as we set up the photo-shoot but once we explained our modus operandi, she was very on board with the whole thing.

After breakfast, we took advantage of the lovely weather and took a walk. Trevor got to see an example of the local wildlife.

Trevor 5
Look in the black frame

Oh, you can't see what's in the black frame very well, now can you? It was this guy right here.

Trevor 6
Trevor was very excited about the stag sighting. He celebrated by jumping in a pile of leaves.


Trevor's taking a bit of a rest right now while I post his morning adventures. Neatnik's bus is due in about half an hour and we are going the park a bit later. Trevor says he can't wait to meet Neatnik's friends.

4 yarns:

Chris said...

You sure are showing Trevor the sights!

Deb said...

He's SOOOOOO hot!

Sheepish Annie said...

Trevor sure knows where to go for a rockin' good time! He must be exhausted after all that excitement. Make sure that he rests up before the next leg of the journey!

Robin said...

I think he is having a great time visiting Chez Trek. Trevor reminds me of a flat person that took a trip to Kansas last year.