Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday was loaded with the running. So much so that I hardly had time to check my email let alone read everything in my Bloglines and no way was there enough time for a blog post. Allow me to Bullet Point update you...

  • Neatnik was up on time for school but she seemed to have trouble putting it in gear. I'm not sure if she actually finished her raisin bran because I was upstairs by that point (having already made and packed lunches for both her and Number Guy) hitting the showers in preparation for my teaching stint over on the far side of the county.

  • Fortunately, the big yellow bus did not show up obscenely early yesterday morning and as soon as Neatnik was safely buckled into its cavernous interior I loaded my own backpack into the minivan, kissed Number Guy good-bye and off I went.

  • One has to leave early to traverse the whole county and arrive at the satellite classroom location on time for the 8 o'clock lab session.

  • There was no paper in the printer.

  • A goodly percentage of my students decided that it was okay to show up late - like as much as 20 minutes late for a 90 minute class.

  • I was less than amused.

  • I was even less amused when it turned out that a slew of them neglected to bring their software disks and/or their USB flash drives.

  • Have I mentioned that bringing a flash drive to each and every class is mandatory? I know that I mentioned it to the students: about a dozen times last week. Nonetheless, we muddled through.

  • After lab, we go upstairs for lecture. The second lab section joins us there. The tables and chairs were all rearranged, so the students looked very confused and asked several times if they were in the right place. They were in the right place bu the cart with the computer and projection machine were not.

  • A second trip to the admin office was required. That's okay, though, it just meant that I got to put in four more flights of stairs in the daily workout. Oh, and the security guy was very helpful and promised to make sure that the computer cart is upstairs every Wednesday by 9:30.

  • My second lab session of the morning (back downstairs again - another couple flights of stairs!) ran an awful lot like the first one in that quite a few students forgot their flash drives and disks.

  • In past semesters, I have written down on the whiteboard (1) what is due that day and (2) what is coming up due the following week. I have now taken to writing on the board "WRITE THIS DOWN" next to the due next week list and informed the students that I will not respond to email requests for the homework assignments from students who were in class. It is their responsibility to write down their assignments. Besides, I gave them the list of due dates for everything on the first day of classes with the directive "WRITE THIS DOWN".

  • We have now arrived at the noon hour. Are you tired yet?

  • I am still experimenting with possible routes to and from the learning center. I shall not repeat yesterday's outbound route: too many school buses, one of which stopped at consecutive houses on a 50 mph speed limit county highway. I may very well repeat the inbound route: it went smoothly and I got home in a reasonable amount of time.

  • Lunch was a quick chef's salad tossed together quickly from preprepared ingredients. Nothing to write home about so let's move right along here...

  • Next, I set to updating my attendance rosters, pulling down results from the online study guide submissions, emailing encouragement to students who didn't score well, and submitting my monitoring reports. Yes, we monitor the students on a bi-monthly schedule: this is a junior college, not the Ivy League.

  • Finally, I was able to turn my attention to invitations for Neatnik's birthday party. I'd designed them the night before and gotten the girls' addresses from school. After printing off the whole batch, I addressed each one but did not stamp them.

  • One of the other girls had a birthday party yesterday so I brought the invitations with us to the party. Faster than the postal service and free. Still have a handful that need to go in the mail and that's all set already.

  • Oops, almost forgot to mention: we had to wait outside for the party to commence because an employee of the party joint was suffering chest pains and three cops and the first aid rig arrived just before we did. Good times.

  • Hope the guy was okay. I hear he was a young guy.

  • The kids had a great time and got pizza and cake and brought home goodie bags.

  • I brought home a headache. I really hate those pizza and games party places. Lousy pizza and way too much noise. And the kids tend to melt down at the end when you tell them it is time to go home.

  • After a quick salad and a slice of reheated pizza at home, I occupied Neatnik until Number Guy got home with Muppet videos on YouTube.

  • Right as we got Neatnik situated for bed, TazzMom called and she and I took Black Dog out for a walk.

Is it any wonder that I had no time to blog yesterday? Or that there was no knitting? Or that we hit the hay early and I fell asleep just a few pages into my book?

Today's list of fun and exciting activities is lighter but still includes a dental appointment and some grocery shopping. Maybe even a play date at the park. And Number Guy has bagpipe practice tonight so if I want any chance of a walk today, I'd best get myself off this desk chair and into some workout duds.

Hope your Wednesday was a little less busy and over scheduled than mine was and that we all reach the weekend with our sanity intact.

5 yarns:

Aunt Kathy said...

I think I need a nap after reading that. What a day.

Karen said...

I'm tired just hearing about your day. Good luck at the dentist. I am off to mine today too.

lookinout said...

Do you fall asleep with the book in your hand, half propped up? Or do you settle down properly because you're yawning and can't focus?

Chris said...

Yowza. I hope your day is a bit slower today!

*sigh* Sounds like undergrads never really change - until they realize they're about to flunk your class.

Sheepish Annie said...

Goodness gracious! I'd say you've earned a peaceful weekend after all that...