Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More thrifty

Neatnik and I had a quiet day yesterday. About the only thing we did outside the house was to take a short walk yesterday morning to the thrift shop. We did very well.
Thrist shop receipt

Two pairs ladies khakis, one pair mens khakis,
one pair ladies denim shorts, one pair ladies jeans

Even though this wasn't a long walk, Neatnik was looking a bit tired in the afternoon. The school day is no longer than last year but this year, being first grade, there is no rest period after lunch and recess. Neatnik has noticed and commented.

Perhaps that is why she was in desperate need of a nap yesterday afternoon. Whilst she napped, I caught up on all, and I do mean *all* of the laundry and cast on a sweater for her: ten rows of ribbing and about another ten of Stockinette stitch for the back of the sweater. Not much knitting, I have to admit.

Today wasn't filled with knitting joy, either, I fear. It was filled with other sorts of things like grading papers, entering warning notice information online, grocery shopping, picking up a flash drive at the lab, stopping at the dollar store for birthday paper plates and napkins, volunteering for cross country coaching duty, and cutting and sewing fabric for bean bags. The only knitting I actually did today was unknitting. I picked up stitches on the toe of one of Neatnik's school socks. But I can't reknit the toe until I free up the right size needles which are currently in another pair of socks.

In the meantime, the socks with holes are in the freezer - because I am suspicious.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I wonder if I might feel better if I had a rest period after lunch. Do you think my principal would go for that? So what if it is middle school?

Here's hoping that those socks are not guilty of that which you suspect. Yikes!

Chris said...

Warning notice information?? Sounds like some good thrifting to me!

Abigail said...

Congratulations on good Thrifting. I get such a thrill from it.

Once I got a beautiful Liz Claiborne dress for $3.00! I swear that was never worn.

Hopefully Neatnik will adjust quickly to the new schedule.

Georgi said...

I think everyone needs a nap in the afternoon, I know I love it when I can have one :-)

Karen said...

Wool in the freezer is never a good sign. I hope things are OK.

Deb said...

Oh no - not that already??

Robin said...

Good to hear she had that long nap. First grade is a real an energy-eater. We shop the thrift stores, too. Amazing deals, sometimes.