Wednesday, February 27, 2008


en·nui (ahn-wee), noun

    a feeling of weariness and/or discontent due to lack of interest

Hi, my name is trek and I haven't knit since Sunday evening. Taking care of a barfy child will do that to you. Two days of managing homework and dispensing small sips of juice to be precise.

Today, Neatnik returned to school and I zipped over to the college to impart wisdom and knowledge. I feel like I don't know what happened to the remainder of the day, but I do: homework, the remains of the classwork missed on the two preceding days, Daisy scouts, bath time, dinner time, and bedtime.

A week like this is sure to engender the ennui in a knitter who is herself fighting off the infectious microorganisms.

So, I do hereby give myself permission to take the remainder of the day off from the fiber without guilt. While I am at it, I have an additional stack of Guilt-Free Fiber Dispensations to hand out to the first ten commenters who are feeling overwhelmed this week.

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Anonymous said...

I too have been feeling overwhelmed. I have just come off a week that included a Father/Daughter Girl Scout dance (I am the co-leader for the troop that planned the dance) A Saturday morning Merit Badge Forum for our Boy Scout District (which involved over 400 boys) in which I was on the administrative staff and taught a class. Then that afternoon, I set up the cookies/desserts for our Boy Scout Troops Chili/Bingo/Silent Auction Fundraiser that we also attended. On top of all of this I have had a sinus infection. The medicine is working, but I am still dragging. My husband also got the sinus infection and my daughter had the flu for six days -- she was barely better in time to attend the dance.
Then just for grins, we had new living room furniture delivered today. I had to give up on the idea of painting before it arrived. Now it will be next week before the painting happens because we will be out of town for soccer tournament this weekend.

I know just how you feel about your knitting. I took it to my daughter's piano lesson today, bvut never took it out of the bag. Hope everything starts going better for both of us.

Sorry to ramble on,


Chris said...

Me me me me me!!! :) I haven't knit since, um, maybe Monday night? Or was it Sunday? Of course, I've been crazily scanning books in...

I'm glad the Neatnik is well enough to return to school - that's something!

trek said...

Wow, I seem to have touched a nerve there for Lynn!

Feel better and I hope you are planning a little down time soon.

Deb said...

Thank you! But hey - dinner for us is ready for tomorrow night AND I've got everything ready for the Teacher's Luncheaon tomorrow at school, the basketball uniforms are washed and rady to be returned, the guest room is ready for company - blah, blah, blah.

Jennifer said...

I need one! Sheesh.

PinkPorcupine said...

I have cast on like eighteen new projects in the past three days, but nothing has grown more than an inch before being ripped out. I'm just distracted and overwhelmed and just plain frustrated. In other words - I need a pass, too!

Kate said...

Oh, my, I seem to be a minority here--I've been plugging away at my projects. I'd like to have one of my knee-highs done by the 8th, and the pair done by the end of April. It's so much knitting with black yarn!
Hope you can fight off the evil germs and regain your thirst for fiber-y goodness soon.

erasmus (aka jiva) said...

I've not knit much either lately. I'm too busy cleaning up cat poo. One of our two new cats has a very bad bum and he has managed to place wet runny poo in deposits in places you never want to know about.
Always avoiding the litter tray. So yeah I dont envy you but I bet you dont envy me either.

Abigail said...

Dr. Trek,

I have had similar symptoms for weeks.

Please send the meds over post haste.

However, I will confess that I did force myself to finish a project with very little enthusiasim.


holly said...

Overwhelmed? or just plain tired?! I've gotten like 10 hrs sleep combined in the past 2 days and wasn't able to touch my endpaper mitts I cast on for the other day (yeah, I learned the Italian tubular cast on which took a few tries!) Between working and trying to keep the woodstove going in our -2 degrees temp this morning, I need a break! (or just some plain old knitting time!)

Laura said...

Oh I know I can join this list :) This week has been the crazy week from work. Month end is always tough :) This week my daughter of 12 almost 13 has started to demonstrate teen ager tendencies (not listening, picking up after herself, being a wise cracker) I wish kids came with either a rewind or fast forward, cause I really would rather not have to go through this age a second time :) Now back to try and find time to finish those last few elusive rounds on the Big Basin Socks.

Lots of Green Tea (Matcha) is the trick for me when trying to avoid the airborne germs in our office. There are 14 of us in a 20x20 room..ugh

sopranospinner said...

Have you read my blog this week? Lists of lists is what it feels like. I'm terribly afraid I'm going to forget something dreadful!

Today: Finish book report puppet
Volunteer at school.
Work at typing job.
DS to T-ball practice.
My choir practice.

Tomorrow: Read-in at school.
Sell Girl Scout cookies for 2.5 hours
Lunch with friend (yay!)
Work at typing job.
DS to Boy Scout event

Next week everybody gets out of school early all week. Blech. Love them, love school!

Sorry about the barf.

Julie said...

Oh, Daisy Scouts; I remember when Samm was a Daisy Scout and I was the leader. It was so much fun (and exhausting)!

I've been knitting daily, but not more than a few rows a day; there must be something in the air.

Sheepish Annie said...

Phew! I was feeling all guilty about the nap I needed after the good doctor prescribed the yellow goo. Yellow goo makes a knitter all sleepy 'n foggy. Yellow goo is not good for knitting. I honestly thought I'd get more done with today's sick day!

A two and half hour nap will really take a chunk outta the day...

Anonymous said...


My name is Monkee Maker and I haven't kntted a monkee for weeks.

I'm thinking of changing my name ....


Yarnhog said...

Oh, I'm sorry about the illness. Ick.

Knitting should never involve guilt. It's supposed to be an escape from unpleasantness (at least in my world). So if you don't feel like it, don't knit. Take a hot bath or drink some wine or read a book.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Heide said...

Well crud! It sounds like your week is far from ideal. Girl Scouts is fun, especially earning the petals for Daisies. Hope you find time for nice hot bath.

April said...

The powers that be at the House of Torture have decided I'm not busy enough so now I do switchboard relief three times a day. Well if I'm not busy, then why shouldn't I knit while I do it? Ergo, I have 1 hour and 15 minutes of enforced knitting time a day.

I hope both you and the Neatnik recover soon!

mrspao said...

I feel overwhelmed at the moment but some sad stuff has been going on :(

Em said...

Get some rest! I know how you feel! I have a Daisy troop, and we've all been fighting the nasties... NOT FUN! I don't think I've picked up my socks for over two weeks... and I've been working on other things too.