Monday, October 22, 2007

Baker's dozen

A batch of partially connected thoughts on a Monday afternoon...

  • We are past the halfway point of the Box Tops for Education contest. The current total here at chez trek is $2.40.

  • While I was in the grocery store the other day, I noticed that the Ziploc packages each had two ten-cent Box Tops on them. Way to rack up those points!

  • Still waiting to hear from blogless Karen about her "winning" the Black Sweater Vest. Karen, if I don't hear from you soon, I'll have to pick another "winner". I would like to mail the vest as soon as possible - it is feeling left out and lonely here and wants to see its new home.

  • We visited Dr. O'Pedi on Saturday. The rapid strep test was negative. Neatnik napped a lot that day but said she was fine for school today; no pain in the throat and fever-free. On the bus she went.

  • I got the phone call from O'Pedi's office while I was taking a morning walk to the library. The follow-up culture came back positive. Lovely.

  • Neatnik had a quiet morning of coloring and Cars. She is now in bed for some much needed nappage.

  • I never got to the library.

  • About a week ago, a fellow Raveler was looking for some size 3 dpns. I sent a set off to her. This was in my mailbox today.

  • Goodies
    Thanks, NekkidKnitter!

  • Goodies in the mail make us feel better!

  • I had some yarn leftover after finishing the Aran. I cast on for a coordinating hat. Nothing makes you feel better than feel-better-soon woolly hand-knits. Except for homemade fudgy chocolate brownies.

  • There is a pan of homemade feel-better brownies in the kitchen.

  • The next school fund-raiser commenced today. When I picked up Neatnik from school, the paperwork was already in her folder: David's Cookies and Auntie Anne's Pretzels. At least these will taste better than the Christmas cards and wrapping paper from the last sale.

  • Knitting tonight. Well, as long as I feel up to it after entertaining a sick child all day long.

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Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about the strep test results. I dropped one off at school this am and I'd just gotten home (and sitting down to a nice cup of coffee) and the school calls. Throw-up city (though at home, he's perfectly fine...)

Boxtop report $1.50. Taco Shells have DOUBLE points this week ($0.40)!

Chris said...

Poor Neatnik - I hope she feels better soon!

Sheepish Annie said...

Meh...I only have .40 cents at this point. I need Ziploc bags badly!!!!!! Single people don't shop much...

I hope that Neatnik feels better soon. Strep is no fun at all. Good for her for trying to go back to school, though. She's a trouper!!

Jennifer said...

I hope Neatnik feels better soon. I may be joining you in the entertaining a sick child all day. PQL says she doesn't feel good. She couldn't make it through a short bike ride today with RR.

nekkidknitter said...

I'm glad they arrived safely! The needles are great, although...wouldn't you know it, gauge lies again. I recently got 7 spi on US4s, and ~9 spi on US2s. I was aiming for 8 spi, so US3 should have been perfect, right? Wrong! I got the most perfect, consistent 7 spi you ever saw using those size 3s. Oh well. I'm still putting them to good use - I recalculated the pattern for 7 spi and they're coming out great. Thanks again!

Lisa said...

Ugh, strep makes ya feel so yucky. I hope she is better soon!

I bought cards and giftwrap too lol! Gotta love those fundraisers!

Kate said...

Booo Strep! Hopefully Neatnik feels much better soon. If those brownies don't do it I don't know WHAT will!

I am madly collecting Box Tops, but where should I send them when Halloween rolls by? Did you post an addy and I missed it? Ack!

Julie said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about Neatnik; hope she's back to her old (young) self reall soon.

Nice package of goodies you've got there; goodies in the mail are always fun :)

limedragon :-: Harriet said...

Feel better soon Neatik!

Cookies and pretzels as a fundraiser? I'd be so there!