Monday, February 26, 2007


Last night, we tried a do-over for my birthday dinner. We went to a local restaurant early and requested a table. We had to wait for half an hour. Not because the place was overcrowded but because the boy that the manager told to prep the table dropped the ball. When the manager came back out front and saw us still waiting, he bussed the table himself and got it set up for us.

We ordered (it was prime rib night) and I took two pain tablets as soon as the appetizers arrived. My cast had already been crashed into twice by total strangers; got crashed three more times by people I knew before we left.

We were eating soup when the power went out. Totally. After a minute or so, the generator kicked in. The staff was hoping to get power restored and finish serving dinners, so our salads came out. Though they were trying to remove all of the steaks from the grill quickly, it did get a bit smoky because the exhaust hoods didn't have power.

Then the waitress (who was the apologetic stranger who crashed into the broken leg) came to say that they could not operate due to the power loss and that we would be charged only for drinks and the appetizers.

No one wants to believe it (they say I am being paranoid), but I know it was just because of my birthday.

After we got home, I did a little bit on knitting but I can't tell you about it yet. It is a surprise for someone who might actually visit the blog occasionally and I don't want to spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say that the item is very cute and I am pleased with it.

I might be ripping out part of the Celtic Harbor Hat. It is turning out smaller than I anticipated and it won't fit me by a long shot. If I were to continue to knit it as directed, there is no way that it will fit the Neatnik either. So, I have some options.

Option 1: Frog the whole thing. Cast on 120 stitches instead of 100 and re-knit as written with an extra pattern repeat. Would fit me.

Option 2: Frog the whole thing. Cast on 120 stitches and re-knit with modifications but still with an extra pattern repeat. Again, would fit me.

Option 3: Frog the whole thing. Cast on 100 stitches and re-knit with modifications. Would fit Neatnik.

Option 4: Tink back to the second picot edge. Re-knit the "picot edge" as something else and then go directly to the shaping. Leave the first picot edge in place and the tucked under ribbing. *Should* fit Neatnik with some heavy handed blocking.

If I was only trying to reduce the amount of time lost on the first knitting, it would seem that option 4 would be the way to go. On the other hand, I want this to look good, right? Maybe I should mention a bit more on the pattern design and the possible modifications.

The pattern is written that you cast on and knit 1x1 ribbing for 24 rounds. Then you do a picot edge. So you knit "up" the hat then turn around to knit "down". You knit the colorwork then knit another picot edge. Now you are knitting "up" again. You knit another 24 rounds and then start the shaping.

This is supposed to be a really warm hat. Okay, it would have to be a really warm hat since you have three layers of knitting - which is really four layers when you count the stranded panel.

Possible modifications that are dancing through my pain-soaked grey matter are these. I could skip the second ribbed panel - knit "down" and then "up" only. Or, I could start with a couple of rounds of rib, just enough to do the picot edge by catching the cast on loops at the turning and do the same thing after the colorwork - so basically only knit "up" and just have the colorwork panel by itself. Or, I suppose that I could do the colorwork panel first and then the "second" ribbed panel as written - again knitting "down" and then "up".

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Oh, yeah, and if I do frog the whole thing, I'll change to a larger needle during the colorwork, I think. My floats are even but I think a tiny bit tight. No surprise, I guess, since the 16" needle is really kind of small for all of that yarn dangling off of it.

I'd take pictures of the hat in progress but the battery decided to go on the blink and it is charging right now.

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Jennifer said...

Oh, you are just not feeling the birthday love. Maybe try going out again, but don't say that it's for your birthday out loud.

Bobbi said...

Wow! Rough month for Trek! Chin up.

Deb said...

Sorry about your birthday dinner! Maybe just order a pizza and call it a day!

wendy said...

At least you will ALWAYS remember this birthday...can you say the same for the others?
Good luck!

Crazy About Sox said...

NO MORE birthday thingies for you! It's over! Wait till next year. Your body cain't take it:) As for help with the hat... Rip it... Rip it good! It was kinda thick looking, maybe the little one will like it better.

Chris said...

Option 2!

Dang, now you need a do-over do-over. This is getting complicated.

sydney said...

I like option 2.

Hmm... your birthday celebration is getting dangerous. Are you sure you don't want to wait another month or two? Wendy's right, at least it has been a memorable birthday.

Beth said...

"Third time's a charm," right? Go out again for your birthday and this time, it will be terrific! :)

Karen said...

Only charge you for the drinks and appetizers?? I think they should have comped the whole thing!! (Did I spell "comped" right? Ah well, you catch my drift.)

Carol said...

#2 And maybe celebrate something else? I'm with you, I'm getting paranoid-just not fair!

Sheepish Annie said...

I think it is time to call this birthday, "celebrated" and be done with it before it kills you. Maybe you can go out and do something for Arbor Day. That seems safe.

Hang in there...

Lynn said...

Sorry to hear that your birthday plans were spoiled again.

Option 1 or 2.

Opal said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your birthday dinner! I agree with Beth though, third time out is the charm! As for the hat, go with option 2 and modify the living love out that hat!

Susan said...

I just don't have an opinion on the knitting thing 'cause your birthday stuff is just too much. Don't celebrate your birthday this year. Who knows what might happen next?

Brenda said...

Option 2.

As for the birthday snafus, I'd call it quits and look forward to a stupendous Mother's Day (hint, hint to Number Guy and Neatnik!).

Valerie said...

Next time you go out? Don't call it a birthday. Call it an ANTI-birthday. That might just fool ol' Loki, who seems to be having a little too much fun with you lately.


Speaking of do-overs, rent the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers movie The Party for some cheer-up. Notice how many times the wife's hair gets re-set during the course of the night. And then laugh your butt off :-)

Diane said...

What a terrible do-over.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I just e-mailed you questions about the Celtic Harbor Hat before I read about your own troubles with it in your blog. No need to reply to my e-mail now; I figured out from your blog what the pattern is doing (knit ribbing up, then knit colorway down, then knit ribbing up, then knit crown and shaping). I couldn't figure out the three-layer band thing from reading the pattern. I might just go with one layer of ribbing underneath the colorway and you might, too, to save yourself that much re-knitting...Sue in St. Paul.