Thursday, May 18, 2006

General thank you

This is a public service announcement. At first, I tried to send individual thank you emails plus make individual posts with pictures about the results of my sock bag swapping. Then more people wanted to swap. Okay, no problem. Individual emails and group thank you posts and pictures. Now I have nearly 70 entries in my Excel spreadsheet. Do you see where this is going? I do not want anyone to feel slighted that I cannot make big thank you posts. The sock bags are already cutting into my knitting time (in a good way!) but if I blog all of the swaps individually or even in groups, I'd never get any knitting done - and no one else could have a bag and that would be sad. There are many of you and only one of me! So, thank you to whomever has swapped with me to date. I will continue to send personal emails of acknowledgement and thanks, just not lots of postings on the swaps.

Sock bag wheelIn the minivan today...upon passing a white of the ones that delivers cola in red cans...

Neatnik: Mommy, that's a soda truck. It brings soda to the store.
Mommy: Yes, it is and yes, it does.

Slight pause while Mommy thinks...

Mommy: Neatnik, who taught you that?
Neatnik: (nonchalantly) Daddy.

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

OMG! That goes to show you when he grows up and does naughty things, guess who you can blame? BTW, I am looking forward to seeing my sock sack, whether it has peppers or grapes, either is fine! And no worries on time either b/c I have another couple of weeks until the 1st Wednesday in June for the Walk and Knit. Thanks again and take care!

aija said...

I can't wait to finish dying my yarn for dyeorama, I'm sure my pal will love the bag you made :)

Tawana said...

Dear trek,

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I luuuvvv the bags. There just so cute! These are the perfect size to fit in my work bag. Oh thank you.


Chris said...

It's good that Neatnik's excursions with Daddy are educational... ;)

Sheepish Annie said...

Amazing what they find fascinating! :) Try to sneak in some knitting time.

Sharon said...

You are doing a wonderful job there and me thinks your bags are becoming a much wanted item. Hope you can get some knitting done.

amanda cathleen said...!! *LOL* Daddy's teach the best things.
Thank you for my bags! They are perfect!! Thanks : D