Saturday, May 13, 2006

AZ lace - episode 6

Two sipsThe second Arizona Lace Sock has been feeling a little left out. After all, the left sock got five episodes on the blog complete with pictures. So, here, for all the blogosphere to see, is the right sock.

Next to it, to keep it company, is my first Socks That Rock sock (Romancing the Stone colorway). This yarn is a dream to knit. Have I already said that? Probably. Anyway, it is really great sock yarn. I am so glad that I have backups of this yarn - otherwise, this sock might languish forever on the needle due to me not wanting not to have the yarn still to knit. Silly? Yeah, so what? :o)

YarnHere is a little yarny goodness that came this week in the mail from lovely knitters who wanted sock bags. Isn't it yummy?

Please feel free to email me with special requests for sock bags and/or appliqué ideas. I really love doing these swaps and will continue to do them for as long as knitters want to swap with me. I have had a request to make a custom "spindle bag" and second sock bags - three repeat swappers, what wonderful people. I have also had a request from a Dye-O-Rama participant for a sock bag for her secret pal and am offering one of my bags as a prize in the Dye-O-Rama as well (no, I didn't join the dyeing party there). I am open to making bags for Secret Pal 8 swappers, too!

Now I am off to my sewing machine lesson and to try to find a hedgehog to appliqué to one of my sock bags.

5 yarns:

Emma said...

The goodies that came in the mail are so pretty. Lucky you!

P-) said...

HEDGEHOG!! I love hedgehogs!!! May have to stalk your blog to see that one!!

amanda cathleen said...

ooOoOo!! Look at all those goodies! Yum!!
Love your STR socks!

Heather said...

Oh yum! That STR is sooo pretty... Makes me want to cast on another pair of socks... which I can't right now because I have too many on the needles... so instead maybe it should make me want to go finish some socks so I can try out my STR.

Totally understand the "so beautiful you want to save it and not knit with it"

mf said...

I may just have to get another bag or two from you too ;o))