Thursday, November 17, 2005

Illusion heart
  pullover pattern

This is an example of a pullover sweater for a toddler using the illusion or shadow knitting technique.

Illusion Heart PulloverSize: 4T

Knitted Measurements:
Chest: 24"
Length: 15" (shoulder to hem)

worsted weight yarns: dark color (DK) and light color (LT)
  about 5-6 oz of each
one 16" size 8 circular needle
one pair size 8 needles or larger circular needle
stitch markers

17 sts and 23 rows to 4" over St st using size 8 needles

Cast on 51 sts LT. Work in garter stitch for 4 rows.
Work in basic shadow pattern until piece measures ~15" from beg. (24 pattern reps)
Work in short rows - 6 sts at beg of each of next 4 rows.
Row 1: K51 (DK) turn
Row 2: K45 (DK) turn
Row 3: K39 (LT) turn
Row 4: P39 (LT)
Place rem 27 sts on holder.

Work as for back for 10 pattern reps. Work heart shadow pattern (9½ pattern reps). Work 6 more *rows* in pattern.
Neck Shaping:
Work even until piece has a total of 20 pattern reps. Put center 17 sts on holder.
Work in shadow pattern for 4 more reps; AT THE SAME TIME, dec 1 st each neck until 12 sts rem on each shoulder (5 times).
Same as for back.

Sleeves (make two):
Cast on 27 sts LT. Work in garter stitch for 4 rows.
Work in basic shadow pattern for 20 reps. AT THE SAME TIME, inc 1 st each side
every 4th row 12 times - 51 sts. (Inc on first DK row of each pattern rep.) Bind off all sts.

Join front and back using a three needle bind off on the short rows.
Pick up the front neck stitches (17), pick up 15 sts on right neck, pick up back neck (27) stitches, pick up 15 stitches on left neck using LT.
Work in garter stitch for 4 rounds. Bind off all sts.
Sew sleeve and side seams.

Basic Shadow Pattern:
Row 1 (RS): Knit in DK.
Row 2 (WS): Knit in DK.
Row 3 (RS): Knit in LT.
Row 4 (WS): Purl in LT.

Heart Shadow Pattern:
Row 1 (RS): Knit (DK)
Row 2 (WS): K25, p1, k25 (DK)
Row 3 (RS): K24, p3, k24 (LT)
Row 4 (WS): P24, k3, p24 (LT)

Row 5 (RS): K23, p5, k23 (DK)
Row 6 (WS): K23, p5, k23 (DK)
Row 7 (RS): K22, p7, k22 (LT)
Row 8 (WS): P22, k7, p22 (LT)

Row 9 (RS): K20, p9, k20 (DK)
Row 10 (WS): K20, p9, k20 (DK)
Row 11 (RS): K21, p11, k21 (LT)
Row 12 (WS): P21, p11, p21 (LT)

Row 13 (RS): K19, p13, k19 (DK)
Row 14 (WS): K19, p13, k19 (DK)
Row 15 (RS): K18, p15, k18 (LT)
Row 16 (WS): P18, p15, p18 (LT)

Row 17 (RS): K17, p17, k17 (DK)
Row 18 (WS): K17, p17, k17 (DK)
Row 19 (RS): K17, p17, k17 (LT)
Row 20 (WS): P16, p19, p16 (LT)

Row 21 (RS): K16, p19, k16 (DK)
Row 22 (WS): K16, p19, k16 (DK)
Row 23 (RS): K16, p19, k16 (LT)
Row 24 (WS): P16, p19, p16 (LT)

Row 25 (RS): K15, p21, k15 (DK)
Row 26 (WS): K15, p21, k15 (DK)
Row 27 (RS): K15, p21, k15 (LT)
Row 28 (WS): P15, p21, p15 (LT)

Row 29 (RS): K15, p10, k1, p10, k15 (DK)
Row 30 (WS): K16, p8, k2, p8, k16 (DK)
Row 31 (RS): K16, p8, k2, p8, k16 (LT)
Row 32 (WS): P17, p6, k3, p6, p17 (LT)

Row 33 (RS): K18, p5, k5, p5, k18 (DK)
Row 34 (WS): K19, p3, k7, p83 k19 (DK)
Row 35 (RS): Knit (LT)
Row 36 (WS): Purl (LT)

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