Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Destash To Go Cup Cozy

At our knitting session Monday night, I looked at my to go cup full of hot chocolate and realized, this is really a bit to hot to hold, despite the sad, pathetic little cardboard sleeve. So I decided to make a to go cup cozy to keep my little fingers safe from hot cups. This to go cup cozy is first cousin to the Destash Pint Cozy and is made using materials from your stash.

Hot chocolate anyone?Destash To Go Cup Cozy

Knitted Measurements:
Top circumference: 10"
Bottom circumference: 8¾"
Height: approx 3"

cotton/elastic sock yarn
(Cascade Fixation - not Bulky)
acrylic worsted weight yarn
one set size 7 double pointed needles

16 sts and 24 rows to 4" over
St st using size 7 needles
and holding one strand worsted yarn
together with one strand sock yarn

Double Moss Stitch (DMS):
Odd rows: *K2, p2* rep between *
Even rows: *P2, k2* rep between *

Cup Cozy:
Using one strand of worsted yarn and one strand of sock yarn, cast on 43 sts.
Divide sts evenly over needles (14, 14, 15 sts). Join by k2tog first and last sts.

Work in DMS for 6 rows.

EITHER Reverse Stockinette:
Knit one row even.
P2tog, purl to end six times (30 sts; 6 rows).
Knit one row even.

OR Stockinette:
Purl one row even.
K2tog, knitto end six times (30 sts; 6 rows).
Purl one row even.

Work in 2x2 rib (or 1x1 rib) for 6 rows.
Bind off. Cut off yarn. Weave in end.

2 yarns:

LisaPrit said...

Holy Crap! I just got my scorching hot cup of java at Tim Horton's this morning and decided I needed a cozy. I thought about it all day at work and then came home and found this, amazing!

trek said...

Cool - it was well worth the time for me to post, then. Send me a link to a pic when you finish yours, okay?